Yum Extender (NG) is keyboard friendy

 It has been a design goal to make Yum Extender NextGen very keyboard friendly, not just having keyboard shortcuts, but also have a effective workflow. Fedora packages Development site

Yum Extender - Rises Like a Phoenix

  Yum Extender (yumex-dnf) as retired 5 years ago from Fedora, as I did not have the time to handle development. Back in May 2021 i started up the development up again on yumex-dnf. One month ago, I started a new project yumex-ng It is a rewrite of Yum Extender from scratch as a more modern application using gtk4, libadwaita and Python 3.11. Today I made the first development release, package is available for Fedora 37 and Rawhide in Fedora Copr I'm very pleased of the current state for the application, so try it out at let me know what you think. You can track the development on my Mastodon profile.

New Progress splash screen

A new progress splash has been add to Yum Extender for long running tasks It is to make it more visible that work as being done and the uses has to wait for it to finish  Here is a video of how it looks

Keyboard Shotcuts

 It is now possible to see help for available shortcuts by selecting  Keyboard Shortcuts from the main menu.

Theme support

 Yum Extender has now support for themes, currently there is 4 themes included. 

Yum Extender is alive

After a break for more than 5 years, I have decided to wake up the development again. There have been fixed alot of issue and been added some new features like support for themes.